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Alisha Marie Net Worth | College

Alisha Marie Net Worth – $5 million 

What is Alisha Marie’s net worth? Where did Alisha Marie go to college?


Alisha Marie McDonald, who goes by the name Alisha Marie is a content creator, businesswoman, fashion & beauty guru, and actress who rose to fame through social media.

The American beauty vlogger is most prominent on YouTube, where she regularly posts lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and funny videos from her self-titled channel AlishaMarie and her vlogging channel AlishaMarieVlogs.

In addition to YouTube, Alisha Marie is active on TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

She co-hosts a podcast called ‘Pretty Basic’, and has an online shop that sells branded clothing.

The Origin Story

Born in 1993, Alisha grew up in California with her brother Matthew and sister Ashley.

After attending Arrowhead Christian High School, Alisha Marie went on to study at Riverside City College.

Alisha always had a passion for filmmaking and producing, starting her YouTube account in 2008. But it would not be until 2011 that she would create her first video on the platform, the first videos to appear on Alisha’s channel were makeup tutorials.

Her eclectic personality, commitment to her fans, and natural talent for makeup and fashion has seen her YouTube channel grow from thousands of followers to millions since then.

As well as being a YouTube personality, Alisha is an actress and podcast host who has appeared in films and television series.


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Since launching her YouTube channel in 2008 and first posting in 2011, Alishia has provided regular engaging videos to her fanbase, known as “The Maccbys” after her last name.

No stranger to working with other YouTubers and even celebs, Alisha was notably seen performing with Alyson Stoner, Jessie Paege, and Niki and Gabi on the popular ‘Girls Night In’ tour.

Alisha also engages in collaborations with businesses around the world through sponsored videos, consultancy, and brand collaborations. She is currently working on a promotion with FUNBOY, a Canadian pool floats company.

As an actress, Alisha first appeared in Guidance (2015), before going on to feature in Bizaardvark (2016) and, most notably, The Dumpster Room (2018).

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Alisha Marie attends a Young Hollywood Screening of “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One” – @Getty

In 2021, Alisha and her sister, Ashley, co-founded Parallel Apparel, an inclusive fashion brand that offers clothing for all shapes and sizes.

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Whilst Alisha is no stranger to discussions around sex, relationships, and dating, she is currently single herself and has never been married.

Alisha keeps her romantic relationships fairly private and has not had a boyfriend publicly since college, where she dated a boy for four years that she was with from high school.

In 2019, Alisha posted a popular video on the channel of her friend reacting to an ex-boyfriend tag which was a deleted video posted when she had just 50,000 subscribers.

In this video, she discussed the previous relationship and even texted her ex-boyfriend to ask for his permission to create the video.

Alisha has been known to use dating apps as the focal point of several videos, with one popular upload showing her roommates taking over her dating app profiles.

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Marie is 5′ 0¼” (1.53 m) tall.

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Alisha Marie – Net Worth

So, how much is Alisha Marie worth? Unlike other YouTubers and online content creators, Alisha Marie has extremely diversified income streams that allow her to make a consistently high salary from multiple sources. Therefore, Alisha Marie has an estimated net worth of $5 million. 

In her video titled ‘how i make money as an influencer,’ she references YouTube advertising, sponsored videos across social media channels, brand consultancy, podcasting, merchandise, affiliate links, and selling clothes on online marketplaces such as Depop as revenue streams.

In addition to this, Alisha has Parallel Apparel, the business she co-founded with her sister, as a further source of income.

In 2017, she bought a house with her sister Ashley. According to the Los Angeles Times, the property is a five-bedroom, five-bathroom house in Los Angeles. Sources list this home at Gentry Avenue in LA, with Zillow valuing the property at over $3 million.

Alisha is also no stranger to brand deals. As well as FUNBOY, Alisha has previously collaborated with global brands, including BMW and Starbucks.

Her entrepreneurial spark and self-made success have also led her to be featured in several exclusive interviews with media outlets such as Business Insider, The Startup, The Daily Dot, Tubefilter, Create & Cultivate, and Sweety High.

Sources of Income

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Alisha Marie attends the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 World Premiere at the Dolby Theatre – @Getty

Making money from YouTube is a popular theme across Alisha’s channel, with videos such as ‘How You Can Make MILLIONS $$ Being a Youtuber!!’, ‘How to Be a Youtube Vlogger and Make Millions $$’ and ‘how I make money as an influencer + my streams of income.’

Alisha Marie has several diversified streams of income to support her net worth; within her video discussing this topic, she mentions YouTube Adsense, which is a monthly income, and states that doing her vlog channel full time would be more than enough as a source of income as a result of this.

Another source of income for Alisha is brand deals such as sponsored videos. Whilst they come less often, she states that they are a lot more in terms of how much she is paid. Alisha says that brand deals come across all channels, including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

In addition to brand deals, brands have approached Alisha in the past to guide them and teach them about social media and influencer marketing.

Her podcast is also mentioned in the video talking about income, where she says that the podcast could even be a full-time job if she and her co-host wanted it to be. The revenue for this goes into its own business bank account as the pair have set up their own business for the podcast, Pretty Basic.

Merchandise is another source of income for Alisha, though it is a smaller revenue producer compared to other streams. In her video discussing her income, Alisha says she regrets waiting 10 years to start selling merch.

Merchandise is available from her official website.

Affiliate links are an additional way that Alisha makes money from brands, meaning that she gets a small commission for any purchases that any of her viewers make through her affiliate link.

In her video, she says that this is a very small amount per purchase and believes brands should pay influencers more.

Finally, Alisha mentions that she makes a small amount of money from selling clothes on Depop and other online fashion marketplaces.

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