Ashley “Minnie” Ross – Net Worth, Biography, Quotes

Ashley “Minnie” Ross is an actress in the Lifetime reality series Little Women: Atlanta, a series that follows little ladies who work and live in Atlanta.

She is the “Mama Bear” of the group as all of the ladies seek her approval on everything.


She was born on October 21, 1984, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Ross attended Brainerd High School and Chattanooga State Community College (a public community college in Chattanooga, Tennessee).

Before joining Little Women: Atlanta, she worked as a hairstylist.

Little Women: Atlanta

She is a main cast member on Little Women: Atlanta, an American reality television series which follows the lives of:

In the summer of 2017, Minnie was rushed to the ER and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

CHF was not linked to her dwarfism.

Congestive heart failure is a chronic progressive condition which affects the pumping power of the heart muscles.

It is frequently caused by other conditions which weaken the heart, like:

  • inflammation to the heart muscle;
  • heart attack;
  • high blood pressure (hypertension);
  • coronary heart disease;
  • faulty heart valves;
  • congenital heart disease.

The symptoms of CHF vary, however, they can include:

  • swelling (edema);
  • fatigue;
  • shortness of breath;
  • diminished exercise capacity.

Certain factors increase the risk of congestive heart failure to develop, including:

  • gender – males are more likely to experience this condition than females;
  • heart attack – having a previous heart attack increases the risk significantly;
  • obesity – too much weight strains the heart and contributes to type 2 diabetes mellitus and heart disease;
  • African-Americans – the condition is more common in African-Americans;
  • age – you have a higher risk if you are 65 or older.


She has been in an on and off relationship with Pastor Troy. He is famous for his ability to pronounce words very fast and his long dreadlock hairstyle.

In 2016, it was reported that Pastor Troy is the father of Minnie’ baby. Eventually, this turns up to be a lie.


Ashley has a height of 4 feet and 3 inches.


She was a guest on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, a radio show which is co-hosted by Shirlene “Ms.Juicy” King Pearson, a main cast member on the series – ”Little Women: Atlanta.”

On June 17, 2019m she was arrested last week in Chattanooga on suspicion of DUI.

Note – DUI is an acronym which represents the act of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

According to reports, Minnie was asked to recite the alphabet from E to W, however, she kept going to Z. 

She has Achondroplasia Dwarfism, a type of rare genetic bone disorder. Reproductive function and intelligence are unaffected.

The disorder is caused by a gene alteration in the FGFR3 gene. It occurs in one in every 15,000 to one in 40,000 live births.

About 4 out of 5 of children with the disorder are born to average-size parents.

Signs can include:

  • small canals in the spinal bones which can cause breathing problems;
  • large head size with a large forehead;
  • delayed development milestones, like – walking occurring at 18 to 24 months;
  • flattened bridge of the nose;
  • middle ear infections which occur frequently;
  • crowded teeth;
  • short spells of stopped or slow breathing;
  • normal-sized torso;
  • short legs, arms, and fingers;
  • loose joints;
  • poor muscle tone;
  • extra space between the middle and ring fingers;
  • upper arms more shortened;
  • flat feet which are short and broad;
  • a small hump near the shoulders;
  • curved lower spine;
  • bowed lower legs.


”My mom, she’s my rock. She’s my best friend. She sat down with me one day and said, “You have people staring at you. Give them something to stare at.”

” I was in the sixth grade and the movie Austin Powers came out and this was a character named “Mini-Me.” My best friend started meddling with that, she started calling me “Mini-me” and as I got older the “Me” dropped. Then as I got older, the “Miss Minnie” came out.”

”People were bullying and teasing and pointing and staring. People stared constantly. You get people who try to take pictures of you on the side.”

”I went to my hometown yesterday – I went to the mall – and I couldn’t even step one foot in the mall. People were just running and taking pictures with me. I really felt like Justin Bieber or something.”

”The everyday struggle that little people go through in life. When people say the struggle is real? It’s real. We go through hell and back.”

Ashley “Minnie” Ross – Net Worth

Ross earned most of her wealth from being part of Little Women: Atlanta series.

She also has an Instagram account with over 326,000 followers, on which she can post paid posts. A paid post on an Instagram account of this caliber can easily reach $3,000. Therefore, Ashley “Minnie” Ross has an estimated net worth of about $0.41 million.


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