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Joey Swoll Net Worth | Height, Girlfriend, Real Name

Joey Swoll Net Worth – $2 million

What is Joey Swoll’s net worth? Also, what is Joey Swoll’s height? Who is Joey Swoll’s girlfriend?


Joey Swoll (real name: Joseph Sergo) is an American bodybuilder and internet personality.

He is best known for his “CEO of gym positivity” persona, which he showcases on his Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Joey released his own book on fitness, Train Harder Than Me, and co-founded the Shredz supplement company.

The Origin Story

Swoll was born on January 11th, 1983, somewhere near Chicago. Little is known of his parents, or whether or not he has siblings.

Joseph was physically active from a young age, and participated in all manner of sports at school.

However, after a long-distance move, Swoll fell out of the habit of being physically active, and by the time he graduated high school and started to attend college, he was leading a relatively sedentary lifestyle.


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Swoll failed to connect with any of his classmates in college, and was the frequent butt of cruel jokes and pranks.

During that time, he channeled his frustrations into bodybuilding, and rapidly developed a powerful physique.

During an interview, he said: ”I started to get compliments on my physique and my strength. I loved it.” Joey went on to say: ”But more than anything, it helped me deal with the stress and anger inside I had for the people around me lacking compassion or respect.”

During this time, Swoll himself acknowledged that he became embroiled in what he would later term “toxic” gym culture.

He was the subject of online abuse for his “gym bro” persona and frequent shirtless selfies, and he was also involved in promoting the later scandal-racked “Shredz” gym supplement.

Social Media Career


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In 2020, Swoll was (according to Swoll himself) addicted to opioids and “heading down a dark path.”

He also stated that during this period, he tried to take his own life.

In 2021, Swoll began to turn his life around.

He took a break from all of his social media accounts and focused on improving his mental health.

During this time, he began to rethink his attitudes toward the gym and the culture surrounding regular gym-goers.


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In 2022, Swoll burst onto the social media scene with his new “gym positivity” attitude.

In January of that year, he made a response video to a woman mocking a male gym-goer for supposed bad form while doing drag curls.

Swoll responded by explaining drag curls, and exhorted gym-goers to “mind [their] own business” while in the gym. “Mind your own business” quickly became a trademark phrase of Swoll’s, and he now uses it on his merchandise.

This initial video was massively successful, and Swoll realized that he had found his social media audience: people interested in improving gym etiquette.


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He quickly began to focus on so-called “gym etiquette” issues to the exclusion of other types of video, and was lauded on social media for his non-toxic and positive attitude toward other gym-goers – an attitude particularly refreshing coming from someone who might be stereotypically seen as a “gym bro.”

Swoll continues to be massively popular on social media. He has successfully parleyed this into a coaching career, and also maintains a merchandise store online where people can buy T-shirts and vests that espouse the virtues of a positive gym attitude.


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Joey Swoll is 5 ft 6 in (167 cm) tall.

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There are some reports that Joey Swoll is in a relationship with keto coach Crystal Reneau. At present, the two are not married, and they have stated no plans to have children. 

Joey Swoll and girlfriend Crystal Reneau


However, Crystal wrote on her Instagram in 2018: ”Everything we do, we do together. This relationship gives the label best friend a new meaning.”

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Why are there rumors about Joey having heart problems?

Given how famous Joey Swoll is as a trainer, you have no doubt heard that he has had some issues in the last while with his health. Indeed, earlier in 2023, Joey Swoll was hospitalized after having troubles with his heart. Sadly, if you take a look around for ‘Joey Swoll heart’ online, you will find all manner of ridiculous rumors and claims about what has happened to him.


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Swoll had recently posted on social media that he was having some pains and decided it was time to go and get checked out.

After undergoing some medical tests, it was deemed necessary for him to undergo surgery for the problem.

He was noted to have some “genetic irregularities” in his heart, and surgery was needed to try and correct the issue.

While many rumors float around the internet about his health and well-being, Joey looked certain to make a full recovery.

He was also very clear about the fact that he had to stop “being a tough guy” and go and get the issue checked out. Fans will be happy that he did!

The surgery lasted a few hours, but he was reportedly up and moving again quickly.

If you ever find yourself dealing with any uncertain pains or rhythms in your heart, be sure to go and get it checked out. As Joey Swoll said, don’t be a tough guy!

Does Joey Swoll take steroids?


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Thanks to his incredible physical shape and size, it is natural that people want to know whether or not Joey Swoll takes steroids. During his discussions about his workout routines and his build, though, Joey Swoll has never once admitted that he takes any steroids. Of course, all kind of creative Joey Swoll steroid rumors exists on the internet today.

Of course, you do not have to look around too much to see posts saying that ‘something has to be going on’ or similar.

Thanks to the shape Swoll is in, people always say that you cannot get to that kind of physique without taking steroids.

A good diet and some heavy lifting are unlikely to get you to that particular kind of build, or so the cynics suggest.

Does Joey Swoll take steroids? There is no official answer.

Cynics will assume that he does, while those who believe what Swoll says will think that he is clean from taking anabolic steroids.

You do not have to look too far on fitness forums and the like, though, to see that Joey Swoll is regularly accused of taking steroids and other gains.

People point to the size of his shoulders and his traps as ‘proof’ that Joey Swoll takes steroids. However, there is no official proof or admittance from Joey Swoll that he has been taking steroids before or in the past.

So, it would be unfair to comment or make a definitive statement: we must take him at his word.

In fact, in the past, he has admitted that he used to have problems with opioid addiction.

Considering he has admitted that it would be strange if he were unable also to admit having issues with steroids in the past.

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Where does Swoll work out?

There is no definitive answer to be had for this, really. Joey Swoll has never really admitted where he goes to work out – it is likely that he uses different locations. While he is always open to telling people about his workout regime and what he is doing for his well-being, he is far less forthcoming when it comes to telling people where he does his workouts.

We assume that, given his popularity, he probably wants to avoid getting bothered while he does his workout regime.

You might see him in one gym, though, as there are plenty of posts around of him appearing at different gyms across the USA. However, in terms of having a ‘set’ gym or a place where he works out all the time, there is no definitive answer to be given.

Wherever he is working out, whether at home or at a local gym, it is clear that the results are working!

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What is Joey’s arm size?


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Look around the internet, and you will find all manner of Joey Swoll arm size rumors and estimations. However, it has been long since he gave genuine measurements for this kind of thing. So, at the time of writing, we cannot say with any certainty what Joey Swoll’s arm size actually is. Safe to say, you would probably need a full tape measure to find out for yourself – the guy is huge!

His arm size, though, has not been publicized or pushed online.

Most of the time, though, he has stuck to giving information about his workouts and diet instead of any key information about actual arm sizes.

While no clear information exists about the size of his arms, you do not need to take too much of a leap to assume that Joey has some pretty hefty arms.

In time, he might give us a little tip into the real size of his arms.

For now, though, that information does not appear to be available.

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What is Joey’s workout plan?


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His workout routine is one of the most extensive that we have seen.

He has a specific workout for his chest, shoulders, arms, back, and legs.

Most of these routines involve 4-5 sets and anything from 8-20 reps.

He also carries out anything from 5 to 8 different exercises for each part of his body. Therefore, it is safe to say that Joey puts plenty of time and effort into his workout plan.

For example, his chest workout involves standing chest fly exercises, as well as using a chest press machine, a seated chest fly, a pec deck machine, and then an incline dumbbell fly.

His shoulders involve dumbbell shoulder presses, lateral dumbbell raises, reverse dumbbell fly exercises, barbell shoulder presses, and front delt raises with chains.

So, he has a pretty extreme workout just for his shoulders and his chest.

While many look at his legs and say that they need more work, his leg workouts involve seat leg curls and extensions, leg presses, Smith machine squats, seated calf raises, and a dumbbell stiff leg deadlift.

Hence, it is fair to say that Joey Swoll manages to pack in plenty of workout variety into his workout plan.

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”My heroes are and always will be my MOM and DAD. They were the ones who worked 2-3 jobs for many years to make sure my brothers, sister, and I had food to eat, clothes on our back, and a roof over our head.”

”Train your body to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself.”

”You don’t ‘wake up’ or ‘fall into’ greatness. You work your ass off, you fight, and you take it.”


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”My family is absolutely EVERYTHING to me. Everything I do is to take care of them and the people I love.”

”There’s going to be days you don’t “feel” like working out. You’re going to be sick, sore, tired, and hungry. You’re going to want to quit… BUT YOU WON’T.”

“I don’t believe in destiny, fate, or luck. I believe in opportunity, hunger, and action.”

”If you don’t train legs, you’ll never get laid. You’ll never make 6 figures, you’ll never drive a nice car, you’ll never be a superhero, you’ll never have a puppy.”

”Years and years of training chest just so this little angel has a comfy place to nap.”

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He mentioned Bob Prince and Steve Reeves (an American actor, professional bodybuilder, and philanthropist who is best known for his portrayal of Hercules) as sources of inspiration for him.

Steve Reeves

Steve Reeves – @Getty

Sergo had his name legally changed after he became Swoll.

Joey gained a lot of fans during his time with Shredz, one of the fastest-growing names in the fitness and health industry, which has sponsored fellow bodybuilders such as Devin Physique.

Devin earned a full ride to San Jose State University for cross country; however, he changed his mind and started to pursue bodybuilding more intensively.

In 2012, through his enormous social presence on Instagram with over 1.8 million followers, Devin became sponsored by SHREDZ.

When he was with Shreddz, Joey had a t-shirt with the inscription:

“Maybe you should train as hard as you hate.”

This unisex t-shirt is available in red on white as well as white on black and is made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton.

Swoll said that he is happy to see that people want to wear this t-shirt and help spread this positive message. In his words:

“It’s amazing to see these words on the front of a t-shirt because they started as thoughts I had when I saw people online hating on other people’s fitness progress.”

After the Devin Physique controversy sparked up, Joey started distancing himself from Shredz. This controversy exposed Devin for photoshopping his photos with Adobe and for selling workout plans and diet, which were created by some of his employees.

He released his own fitness book.


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Swoll has been featured in some of the top bodybuilding and fitness magazine covers.

Joey founded Flex Your Heart, a nonprofit organization that has delivered an anti-bullying message to kids around the country.

His 3 favorite exercises are:

  • Pull-Ups – one of the best strength and mass-building exercises;
  • Front Barbell Squats – a lower-body exercise that will strengthen your hips and legs;
  • Flat Bench Cable Flyes – by doing this exercise, you train your chest muscle group using a flat bench and a cable pulley.

His advice for amateur bodybuilders is:

”Hard, intense, focused training in an hour or so followed by the right nutrition and rest is the best way to grow and advance.”

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Joey Swoll – Net Worth

So, how much is Joey Swoll worth? Swoll accrued most of his wealth from being the co-founder of Shredz. In addition, he earns some money from coaching other bodybuilding enthusiasts. Therefore, American fitness model Joey Swoll has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Joey has published his own book, where he gives various advice on training and fitness in general.

He has an Instagram account with more than 2.4 million followers. On this platform, he can publish paid posts. With his current number of followers, he can easily earn $20,000 per paid post. Joey was sponsored by WOLFpak, EōS Fitness, and more.

Also, Joey sells merch (especially t-shirts) on his website —

I had had some rock bottoms in my life, but it’s all about perspective,” Swoll said about his life philosophy in 2021. “I hit some lows and allowed me to realize you know good things I need to do with my life and things that I’m blessed with.

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