Robert Terkla – Net Worth, Ex-Wife (Sarah Terkla), Biography, Military Career

Robert Terkla is a former U.S. Army military who was sent on deployment to Kirkuk, Iraq, in 2008.

He now serves as the President of UMG Events LLC, and has a popular YouTube channel, called ”LunkersTV.”

Biography & Military Career

He was born in Fort Worth, TX, on Tuesday, September 26, 1989.

Terkla joined the US Army as an 11 Bravo (11B) in 2008. At first, he was assigned to the first and 30th as an infantryman. He was sent out on a deployment to Kirkuk, Iraq.

In 2014, Robert was medically discharged. But, he had no intention to leave the military when he was medically discharged due to the fact that he was living his dream, one which was grounded in a lifelong passion for the outdoors, including fishing and hunting.

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Currently, Robert is a popular Youtuber with his channel name ”Lunkers TV,” having videos about hunting and fishing,  including instruction, tips, and footage of his fishing and hunting excursions.

He holds about 1.83 million subscribers on his channel and views above 303 million. Lunkers TV was created on Aug 5, 2015.

Terkla really sets himself apart from other similar YouTube channels with an ongoing “series” called Military Mondays, where Robert utilizes his YouTube channel to talk about some serious stuff from his military days as both an outlet for fellow veterans and himself.

His most popular video is called – ”Bowfishing in a SHALLOW CREEK!!” The video has more than 5.9 million views, and it was published on Jun 1, 2017.

His second most popular video is titled – ”The First Time I Kil### Someone.” The video was published on Oct 10, 2016, and it has over 5.8 million views.


Robert Terkla shares his fishing excursions on Instagram, where he has amassed over 677k followers and growing.


In January of 2011, Robert Terkla married his wife, Sarah Terkla. She has over 68k followers on Instagram.

The couple divorced in 2020. ”We did get a divorce, it has nothing to do with YouTube…it had nothing to do with money… mid-life crises,” Terkla said in an October 2020 video. He also said: ”I gave Sarah the house.”

On Instagram, Robert explained: ”We just grew apart is all and that’s all y’all really need to know.”

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The couple has a daughter named Avery.


On September 10, 2018, he published – ”Never Fear Anything: My Untold Story As A Sniper In Our Nations Longest War.”

This book leads the readers through his struggles to operate covertly behind enemy lines attached to Navy SEALs in Afghanistan and find a life purpose.

In August 2020, Terkla released another book titled – ”Earned: My Journey to becoming a Hunter of Man.”


”I’m excited to fish next year.”

”Cracker Barrel has the best pancakes on the planet.”

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”Don’t worry, I will run for President.”

”I have seen how powerful we are when it comes to war, and we had our hands seriously tied. I couldn’t imagine if it was all out let loose.”

”I would rather be kil### protecting my freedom then to sit on the sideline like a coward. I would assume you have sat on the sideline the last 15 years or so?”

”Random thought a day after, but I found it funny last night that there were people celebrating the 4th somewhere that don’t believe we should have guns.”

”I just kicked a ball. It bounced off a tree and hit my right in my face. My dogs will be the only ones to have ever seen it.”

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Robert currently resides in Fort Worth, TX.

In 2014, Robert Terkla bought a small part of a gaming company called UMG Media to take one of the largest eSports space players.

In one year, the company’s financial profit rose around 30 times. In the present day, they rival MLG and are a driving force in the gaming industry.

Currently, Robert serves as the President/Board Member of the company. ”I own an alright chunk of this company that is involved in a crazy industry,” he said.

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Robert Terkla – Net Worth

Terkla earns most of his money from his gaming company, called UMG Media. In addition, he earns a good amount of money from advertisements on his YouTube channel. So far, his channel has around 303 million views.

However, earnings on this platform depend on many factors, including:

  • video length;
  • viewer location;
  • audience retention;
  • video topic.

Keeping all these factors in mind, ads on his channel earned him around $700,000.

Moreover, Robert has an Instagram account that has more than 677,000 followers. On account of this caliber, Terkla can receive sponsorship in the form of paid posts averaging $7.5k per post.

In addition, he earns some money from selling his books on Amazon as well as selling merch on his website. Therefore, Robert Terkla has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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  1. It’s a lot more than .06 million, without a doubt. He is partners in multiple companies over one million subscribers on YouTube and an author

  2. Good for him, I like watching him on youtube . By God if there were more young men like him our nation wold not be in such a mess. I wish him continued success in whatever he chooses to do.

  3. Rob will only be worth about half this much in the near future. As it appears in court records in Denton, Texas, Rob and Sarah have filed for divorce. Sarah will assume at least half his wealth, and probably more after considering child support.
    Sarah is soon to be a wealthy, and VERY VERY attractive single young lady!

  4. Just out of curiosity..
    This might be none of my businesminis but we have noticed that sarah and the baby arent in the videos anymore? Divorce? Well regardless he is doing a great job with his videos and I enjoy watching them.


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