Scotty Kilmer – Net Worth, Wife (Leslie), Biography

Scotty Kilmer is a well-known Youtuber, actor, and auto mechanic.

He was also able to parley his love for cars and fixing cars into a pretty amazing life for him and his family.

He got his start on television as a host of a car show on CBS back in the 1990s called Car Talk.

Later, he had another car-themed gig on KHOU in the Houston area.

Then he discovered YouTube, and his life changed. 

The Origin Story

He was born in Niagra Falls, New York, on October 2nd, 1953.

Scotty grew up as an only child to his parents, John and Shirley Kilmer.

He went to grade school in New York and learned about cars from his grandfather.

At age fourteen, he got interested in being a mechanic like his grandfather.

While he never actually got to pick up a wrench to help him, but he did study closely what he did.

This allowed him to pick up a skill that, after high school, he was able to make a career.

After graduating from high school he did aspire to further his education.

He briefly left the US to attend university in Canada.

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The College Years

By all measure, he had a very successful college life, you attended the University of Toronto.

While there, he got his undergraduate degree in Anthropology.

He continued to pursue a higher degree, and that is when he came back to the United States to work on his Master’s Degree in Anthropology.

He eventually got his Master’s Degree in Anthropology from the University of Illinois.

He did begin work on his Ph.D. degree in Anthropology, however, the calling to give it all up to become a mechanic was too strong.

So, before he could complete the coursework for a Ph.D., he quit school and dedicated his life to becoming a great and well-respected mechanic. Since working on cars appeared to have run in his family, dad John owned a Texaco Gas Station and grandfather Elmer was the station’s head mechanic.

It was not a real stretch for Scotty to follow in their footsteps.

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Career Accomplishments

After leaving school, he opened his garage and began fixing cars for a living.

After doing that for many years, his wife encouraged him to write a book about cars.

After quite a bit of time passed, he finally completed the book, and it was published in 1984. The book was titled “Everybody’s guide to buying a used car.”

The book got him plenty of notoriety, and it even landed him on the cover of the local paper in Houston, the Houston Chronicle.

That appearance landed him a gig with a local Houston CBS affiliate station, KHOU.

He turned that into a very successful job hosting a car repair show called Crank it up with Scotty.

He had a long run as a car show host at the Houston CBS affiliate, and for ten years, he was very successful.

So successful, that he earned an Emmy Award in 2004 for the Intelligent Car Talk Host of the year 2004.

The network finally pulled the plug on the show shortly after that, and he said farewell to the television industry and turned to online. 

He started his own successful YouTube channel with numerous videos about car repair.

After uploading his very first video on the YouTube platform in 2007, he has since garnered more than 4 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. He also becomes the best known the best car talk channel on YouTube.


Scotty Kilmer got married to Leslie early in life when each was in their early 20’s.

It was 1979 when they first got married.

It wasn’t until 1984 they brought their first child, Riley into the world.

It was another three years later when they were blessed with their second child, Wyeth.

Scotty and his family lived in Houston, Tx up until 2020 after getting married.

Now they reside in Clarksville, Tennessee to be closer to one of his kids after he moved out of the house.

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Scotty Kilmer – Net Worth

Early on, Scotty realized that he had a future in television, and he decided to end his pursuit of a Ph.D.

He started his auto repair business after he finished college.

Which was very successful, and with some encouragement from his wife, he wrote and published a book.

The book brought attention from a local CBS affiliate (KHOU), and he was offered a hosting gig of an auto-themed show.

That lasted for a decade until the show was finally taken off the air. Fortunately, he discovered the Internet and YouTube.

He posted his very first video in 2007, and as they say, “the rest is history.” With millions of followers and his videos garnering millions of views, his online income has made him pretty wealthy.


Scotty Kilmer and his wife Leslie lived in New York after getting married.

In 2020, they sold the house and moved to Clarksville, Tennessee, to be closer to one of his sons and grandkids.

However, he has again picked up roots and moved back to New York but has not been able to locate any details on the house.

Therefore, American automotive mechanic Scotty Kilmer has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

His Bottom Line

The love of cars and auto repair has been very good to Scotty Kilmer.

Despite being a short time away from a Ph.D., he made the easy decision to pursue his passion for fixing cars.

Lucky for him, he did, and that is the primary reason why his current net worth is up over $2.5 million.

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